Результат ла примитива испания

Лотерея el gordo de la primitiva – ставки и выигрыши

Where To Find The Latest La Primitiva Results

In the days before the Internet, you could only find lotto results in the country of the draw. This meant that people could only play the lottery if they were in the country of the draw and that only Spanish players could play and access the La Primitiva lottery. Now, however, everyone can play La Primitiva, no matter where in the world they are. You can find the results of the lottery online at Multilotto, either on the full desktop site, on a mobile device, or via the app.

The La Primitiva lottery draw is played twice a week, on a Thursday and a Saturday. Players with 6 matching numbers and the Reintegro win the jackpot. Players who match the six numbers but not the Reintegro still win a sizeable prize pot. There are even prizes for players who have match 5, 4, or 3 of the numbers. You can check the results online, but the app is probably the most convenient way to see if your La Primitiva ticket is the winner. The Multilotto app can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices.

What Was The Biggest La Primitiva Jackpot

The La Primitiva lottery jackpots have been among the largest of any lottery in the world. It is one of the oldest lotteries, and it began in 1763. In fact, its name translates to ‘The Oldest One’. It was shut down in the year1863, before being re-initiated in 1985. It has a rollover jackpot, which means that it increases every week until somebody wins it.

It has an extensive history of large jackpots and rollovers. One of the largest jackpot wins was in October 2015. It rolled over for 35 weeks, until a Barcelona player scooped the prize of €101,724,599. The largest number of rollovers for La Primitiva was also recorded in 2015 when the jackpot rolled over 56 times. It’s because it is a rollover lottery, and not a fixed jackpot, that makes it one of the biggest, and most appealing lotteries in the world.

  • Largest jackpot — €101.7 million in 2015
  • Longest rollover — 56 times in 2015
  • Second largest jackpot — €73 Million in 2014

La Primitiva Results Online — Latest Lotto Results

La Primitiva lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. It was first played in the year 1763, and has had some of the highest prizes. Playing La Primitiva couldn’t be any more simple when played with Multilotto. You can play online easily, and you can set up a subscription so that you never miss a draw again. You can choose 6 of your La Primitiva lotto numbers between 1-49, but the machine randomly selects the 7th number, the Reintegro, for you.

The lottery has two draws a week and offers 6 prize divisions. You can win prizes if you match 3 or more of the numbers. If you match all six, and the Reintegro ball, you win the Especial jackpot. This jackpot rolls over, meaning that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until somebody wins it. There’s also the optional joker side game, which gives you a random seven-digit number and gives you a chance to win more prizes.

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