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Итальянская лотерея superenalotto — как играть из россии

Шансы на победу

Размер призов всегда зависит от текущего призового фонда. На суммы, которые могут выиграть участники лотереи не установлено никакого ограничения. Поэтому призы могут достигать очень крупных сумм.

Второй по величине приз составляет около 35 процентов. Шансы на победу можно увеличить, купив несколько билетов. Опытные игроки советуют заполнять поля в лотерее разными  числами. Также часто при покупке билетов распространители предлагают архивы счастливых чисел. Пользоваться ими или нет – решать вам.

Количество совпадений Шансы на победу
6 1 к 623 000 003
5 1 к 103,7 млн.
5 и Джолли 1 к 1,25 млн.
4 1 к 11 007
3 1 к 300

Существует также номер под названием Superstar.Он оплачивается отдельно и является дополнительным. Вытягивается он независимо от номеров Джолли и других. Если он совпадает с каким-либо из чисел выигрышной комбинации, у игрока увеличиваются шансы выиграть. В этом поле нужно отгадать только один шар в конце игры.

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Buy superenalotto tickets online

Bigger prizes with the SuperEnalotto SuperStar

The SuperEnalotto is not the only lottery that offers big prize money every week. It also has popular extra version that’s known as the ‘SuperEnalotto SuperStar’. It draws an extra number that gives the chance to win a bigger prize. The SuperStar multiplies prizes sometimes with 25 to 100 times! Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that you can win 2 million euros above the SuperEnalotto Jackpot. There’s also an addition of 1 million euros for second-prize winners. To be this lucky, you need to have the correct numbers for the traditional Jackpot ánd the SuperStar.
Enjoy Vincita Immediata and the Jolly Number
There’s even an addition to the SuperStar called ‘Vincita Immediata’. You win 25 euros when at least one of your numbers match with the so-called ‘Quadrato Magico numbers’. The money will be immediately added to your account. Or enjoy an extra bonus with the so-called ‘SuperEnalotto Jolly Number’. This is an extra number that is drawn together with the winning numbers of the lottery. You don’t need this bonus to win the Jackpot though. However, it decrees the 5+1 and functions a boost to prizes in lower categories.

More Reasons To Play Online At Multilotto

To win during the SuperEnalotto draw, what is required of you is simply following an effortless procedure. Multilotto is first in line to outline this procedure for you while also giving the results in a timely manner. Besides, SuperEnalotto tickets are always available hence anyone from any location can try out their luck in this lotto. Multilotto also features results of lottos making news in different continents. As such, you can find Powerball Results, New York Lotto Results, Mega Millions Results, Euromillions Results and Mega-Sena Results among others. Insightful information pertaining to these lottery games is also available.

Multilotto operates under a license from the Maltese government, hence you can be sure that the site is fair and duly pays all winners. The site has integrated SSL encryption mechanisms to keep all your personal information safe. What’s more, the website is available in approximately 15 languages and you can be sure that the customer support team is always available to attend to your queries. To top it off, you can also take a break from playing lottery games and play your favorite casino games once you visit the «play casino» section.

When Are The SuperEnalotto Results Drawn?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are the days you should look out for SuperEnalotto draws to know whether you are a winner. To be specific, draws go live in Rome at 20:00 CET. However, draws may be rescheduled in case they collide with public holidays. Normally, draws are not shown on Television, but you won’t miss the recorded event online at around 20:20 CET immediately draws are concluded. Tickets go for €1 which in itself is a small investment that can lead to huge wins that’ll change your life completely.

Ticket sales stop at 19:30 CET and will be re-opened for the upcoming draw once the current draw is finalized. To steer clear of disappointment, one is advised to buy tickets as early as possible. Anyone around the world can play SuperEnalotto online by purchasing tickets from reputable vendors like Multilotto. Ensure that your vendor sends you a scanned copy of your ticket as proof of ownership. In case you get any winnings, your vendor will claim them on your behalf.

Обновленная версия итальянской лотереи

С обновленной версией лото SuperEnalotto игроки познакомились в 2009 году. Все шары, включая венецианский шар, стали выбираться из одного лототрона. Дополнительно, из другого пула, выбирается только один шар – SuperStar.

По сравнению с другими итальянскими лотереями, SuperEnalotto одна из довольно сложных, но она притягивает большинство игроков своим размером джекпота. Из-за своих сложных правил основной приз часто остается невостребованным, поэтому призовой фонд SuperEnalotto постоянно пополняется. Его размер не имеет никаких ограничений. Наиболее крупный джекпот, в размере 209 миллионов евро, был выигран в 2019 году.

Play Other Lotteries At Multilotto

It’s not common to find a platform which allows you to try out all the lottery games making headlines all over the world. This is exactly what you’ll find once you sign up at Multilotto. As such, there are games from Europe, Australia, South America, North America and the USA. The collection of lottery games in Europe is one you cannot exhaust given that there are 17 different games at your disposal. Examples include Austria Lotto, Euromillions, Poland Lotto, Eurojackpot and Bonoloto among others.

The USA has the second highest number of lottery games featured at Multilotto. There are 8 you can choose from including Powerball, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, New York Lotto and the much famed Mega Millions. Playing this lottery games is very easy and even some follow similar formats. In terms of your chances of landing the jackpot, some games have better odds compared to others but one thing you are guaranteed is that their respective minimum jackpots are impressive. Multilotto makes your life easy with guides detailing how you can play each which is pretty awesome.

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